May 092011

This last weekend the hubby, daughter and I did our flower and vegetable garden shopping.  Of course in the mix was a cucumber plant and that got the hubby to craving cucumber sandwiches.  He also decided that beef pinwheels would be good  so we made up a batch of each and put them in the refrigerator for snacking on.  Most of you have probably had and or made both of these but just in case you’ve missed out on these simple appetizers or snacks here is the simple steps (you can also find them in the recipe section).  Cucumber sandwiches:  Mix together  8 oz cream cheese and 1/2 pkg dry Italian salad dressing.  Spread  a little on slices of party size rye bread.  Top each with a slice of cucumber (I peel them and slice them diagonally) and  then sprinkle with dill.  Refrigerate.

Beef Pinwheels are simply 2 slices of Buddig beef spread with cream cheese.  Lay the green part of a green onion on one end and roll up.  Slice into little pinwheels.  Refrigerate.

Both of these are so simple and the kids have even been eating them since they were small.  If you haven’t enjoyed them before I hope you get the chance to do so now.  Maybe some of you have a variation or a similar appetizer recipe, I would love it if you would share them with us.

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  1. Such simple yet wonderful nibbles! Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day, Karen 🙂

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