Jun 222011

Caution you might accidentally learn something useful reading this..explain you say.  I have found that fortunately I learn things quite by accident sometimes.  Serendipity – a fortunate accident.  The Title – The Serendipity of Learning.   In the course of life if we keep our eyes and ears open we can learn from so many places, even when we didn’t set out to learn.  No matter how old I get I never want to stop learning.  Some of the things I have learned  helped me and some have hurt me but both were equally important.  I have learned from young, old, family, friends, strangers, enemies, reading, observing, tv and more. The important thing is I learned and am still learning.  My mom always says “did you ask” meaning did I question, not usually.  Mostly I just listen and observe.  I am learning to ask but feel as though I am quizzing or playing 20 questions and that’s something I vowed not to do. I have found in most instances people tell me more when I listen especially my kids and young people.  The dinner table, over a latte , fine times to learn! So enough about that, I will jump off my soap box and move on to what I have learned from blogging.

Since embarking on this foodie journey I have met so many wonderful people and learned something from most of them. I have to say there are many down moments when you start blogging and if I hadn’t been willing to learn I would have already given up.  The very first person to help me was The Hubby who spent countless hours making my blog and doing the artwork.  He made the page special and still helps me all the time. I couldn’t do this without his love and support and I thank him so much!

The first food blogger to help me was Chef Dennis morethanamountfull.com I got a message from him welcoming me to the foodie world and offering to be of any help he could, and that he did by answering some of my blogging questions. I would highly recommend bookmarking his site for a wonderful read as well as a learning tool.  I joined several foodie & blogging communities and again found support. Through this I met Liz from thatskinnychickcanbake.blogspot.com and Erin from mynuggetsoftruth.blogspot.com.   I added my blog to my Facebook as a page, an application and a networked blog and my friends and family offered support and guidance.  I also found a host of foodie bloggers there as well and they too are always willing to help.  Then I joined Twitter- what can I say but that it opened so many doors.  The foodies & non foodies I have met on Twitter are so reachable, so helpful and so kind ( well most of them) and I thank all that have been there for me.  My friend Nelly  cookingwithbooks.blogspot.com has been coaching, befriending, & sharing with me from the start and when I feel down or discouraged she picks me right back up. In fact she was the inspiration for this article and encouraged me right up to pushing that publish button!   She is a recommended foodie read as well as Twitter follow ( @nella22 )  Thanks also to Twitter @coffeeluvinmom. coffeelovinmom.blogspot.com, who also encouraged me to stop worrying so much and be myself and say what I want, that it’s the whole point of Twitter! ‘There have also been some naysayers, forgotten promises of support, and a few well meaning people that were more hurtful than helpful.  I have learned from all ofthese people as well.   A fellow Twitter friend @roxy3639 tweeted a quote today “admonish thy friends in secret, praise them openly.  I encourage Twitter users to have this  policy.  Use @replies for praise and if you feel you must admonish then use DM .  I hope that you learned at least one thing from this post, I did…..

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more about all the wonderful people there are that visit our blogs and tweet to us. I can’t count the number of times that Nelly has been kind to me too. I don’t know how she’s everywhere. Maybe she’s like that TV angel. 🙂

    • Maybe! Lots of you have been angels to me, I am so thankful for all of you and am enjoying all the foodie stuff! Your site is great!

  2. thank you so much for the mention and the kind words! it has been my pleasure to help you along your journey, and I’m here when ever you need me!
    Thank you so much for your friendship and support!

    • Dennis, you were the positive start I needed in uncharted waters. I will forever be thankful and even if you don’t realize I visit your blog daily!

  3. Aw, Karen, I’m touched! Such good advice in this post…and I’m happy to call you a friend. xoxo

    • I feel the same, its so nice to have a friend that is close to home! I am so thankful for the help and advice you have given me. Every time I comment I refer to the advice you gave me !

  4. Awww! Karen, that is so sweet. Thank you so much for including me in your blog post! I’m honored and I appreciate you so much!

  5. Thanks for the shout out! I will help you out <–not an empty promise!

  6. You said “be honest” so here goes: First of all thanks for the shout out, I am definitely happy to have you in my twitterverse. I love the “question everything” attitude and definitely needed a reminder. Not only should we be questioning methods, but we should question attitudes as well! Those negative attitudes, just unfollow. Simple as that. Twitter is a place for support and I’m here for you 18 hours of the day! (I gotta sleep sometime right!?) Love you dear!

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