Jul 202011

Wow, the heat index is at 109 and expected to top 115 today.  Even the foodie in me that is willing to stand in a hot kitchen and create most of the time has wilted down.  Days like today are perfect for crockpots and quick fixes.  My family loves BBQ and I cheat by putting a pork roast in the crock pot and using bottled BBQ sauce…oh yes…bottled!  I simply season a pork roast with salt and pepper (and sometimes random seasoning that sound good at the moment) I then brown all sides before putting it in the crock pot with a bit of water in the bottom and pour the pan drippings over the roast.  Cook until it will fall apart, basically 6 or so hours on high.  Remove from the crock pot and save the “broth”  in another bowl.  Shred the meat and return to crock pot along with a half and half mixture of Sweet Baby Rays Original & Montgomery Inn BBQ sauce.   Use as much sauce as to your liking and if you need to thin the meat mixture down a bit use some of the “broth” you saved.  We have tried other sauces but this combo seems to please everyone that has the BBQ and is received as well as homemade!  Hope you let me know what you think.  Keep cool, would love to know how hot it is where you are!

  2 Responses to “BBQ Pulled Pork -Too Hot To Cook…Did I Say That?”

  1. Isn’t this weather ridiculous!!??? Crockpot meals are a great idea, and I love your delicious short cut!

  2. Liz says
    Yeah, isn’t this weather crazy?!! Great idea to use the crock pot…and your shortcut sounds perfect and delicious!

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