Jul 252011

I have met so many new friends thru Twitter, one such friend is Stasha over at The Good Life  http://northwestmommy.com  She has started a fun thing called Monday Listicles.  Every Monday she posts a list about different things and asks others to link their lists up as well as she graciouslly is posting the links on her site. Her suggestion for this weeks lists was 10 Green Things.  Seeing as how I am a foodie I tried to keep it along those lines although not in any particular favorite order.

1.  Green Peas – Great alone, creamed, in casseroles and salads.  Good for little fingers to hold and eat as well as good sized for that picky eater to remove from their food and place on the edge of the plate in the “I don’t think so pile”


2.  Broccoli – Good roasted, grilled, & steamed as well as raw with various kinds of dip…even my chihuahua Max loves broccoli and will hold it with his front feet and eat the top right off the stem!


3.  Green Beans -love them!  Either cooked long and slow with bacon, potatoes and seasonings or stir-fryed with a bit of olive oil and salt!


4. Lima Bean – no doubt about it my favorite way for lima beans is in succotash especially in the summer when the corn is fresh.  My Maltese grandpuppies love them as well!


5.  Avocados – the number one ingredient in my most awesome guacamole ( not just my opinion…really its’s good)  I took Adobo Grill recipe and well just improved it a bit…lol..


6.  Peppers – Bell, Serrano, Cubanella, Fajita Bell are my favorite.  I use green peppers all the time.  Serrano and cubanellas are my guacomole peppers and fajita bells make well fajitias obviously just a bit spicer.  I have never seen fajita bells in the stores but we grow them in the garden every year.

7.  Cabbage – oh so good cooked and raw.  I love fried cabbage, cabbage in soup, cabbage with smoked sausage, and many kinds of slaw with cabbage!


8.  Lettuce  – I know that all of you are familiar with lettuce but I do urge you to try different varieties if you haven’t already.   Almost anything is good in almost any kind of lettuce!  The dressing choices are so vast and lettuce and fruit make such a great combo.


9.  Cucumbers – Great in salads, in vinegar, sprinkled with salt or my favorite on top of rye bread spread with cream cheese with a bit of dry italian dressing mixed in and sprinkled with a touch of dill….oh so addictive!


10.  Herbs – the very essence of food.  Without herbs/seasonings all our food would be so bland.  I think that is were many a home cook goes wrong is with the lack of seasoning or flavoring their foods. Herbs are actually very easy to grow and is a great money saver.  I also keep dryed herbs at all times and I keep them in 1/2 pint jars in a kitchen drawer!

I hope you have enjoyed my list of green foods and would love to hear from you as to what some of your favorite green foods are!

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  1. I hate peas!!!! But I understand why people love them. 🙂 I like everything else – except I’ve never tried lima beans….

    • I don’t like Liam beans plain but in succotash with all that corn and butter yum! Thanks for visiting!

  2. I think your list sounds pretty good except for peas. Not a big fan of those.

    My husband would disagree with almost all of these foods except avocados and peppers. He is very anti-veggies.

    • Thanks for reading my list! Peas have always seemed to me as a major yuckfor people. I don’t like the nasty mushy ones people try to call peas but I do love the ones that are firm and dark green, either buttered or in a good cream sauce!

  3. I love all those things, except cabbage. Yuck…

  4. Your list is all sorts of yum! That is all. 🙂

  5. Love this list but hate peas, lima beans and green beans! LOL, I just didn’t really grow up with them (crazy huh?), and still to this day, put them in my “I don’t think so pile!” I’ll have everything else and darling….I NEED that fried cabbage recipe!!! I’ve never had it that way and I love love cabbage! Great list!

    • I would bet that if you took long slender green beans and stir fryed them tender crisp with olive oil and pepper and then most importantly eat them with your fingers you would love them lol

    • Traditionally fried cabbage is done by frying bacon first and then adding cabbage salt nd pepper. I use my cast iron skillet and fry it in butter with salt and pepper until it basically is like caramelized onions.

  6. Oh I love this take on 10 Greens! I love everything on your list, and you saved the best for last: herbs 🙂 I add cabbage to my soups, because it is the only one on your list that I can’t eat just plain. So glad to have found your blog! Thank you for stopping by my blog!

    • Thank you for visiting my blog, I just loved your list and pics today! Especially that you choose Green Eggs & Ham! Cabbage is really good fried and seasoned with pepper! So glad I met you!

  7. i really really really dislike peas BUT my girl LOVES them so- especially right out of the freezer. go figure! 🙂

    • Thnks for stopping by. I have never tried peas straight from the freezer but I will now. Love the way you put your pics together on your list. Nice to meet you!

  8. I love every single food on your list (except broccoli, which is on mine too, lol)! I must admit though, I’ve never had fajita peppers, but now I’m dying to try them!

    • I hope you find them they are much like a green bell pepper only with a bit of heat and more flavor. We are in Indy and I can’t find them either other than growing them. They are probably 1/4th the size of a bell and will turn red and hotter quickly if not picked when ready! Thanks for reading my post! I did see broccoli on yours as well!

  9. thanks for commenting…Monday blahs…you made me smile

  10. succotash make me a convert lol

  11. Love them all except lima beans…ewwwwwww!

    Love you, Karen!

    • I was never a true lima bean fan until succotash and I changed my mind quickly…you should try them that way…just once…
      love right back at you!

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