Jul 312011

I have been using cabbage a lot lately from various types of slaws and now to one of my favorites fried Caramelized Cabbage.  This is especially for my friend Nelly who is a cabbage lover and has never had enjoyed it fried.  If you cook it long and slow like caramelizing onions it will also get a wonderful taste (about 45 mins).  It’s very simple to make but the thing to remember is that it cooks way down.  (See in the pictures how it goes from a heaping skillet to a much smaller amount. )


It is good to eat way before getting the nice brown color (as in above bottom picture)  but the taste will be more similar to regular cooked cabbage.  To make the cabbage simply melt about 1/2 stick of butter in a deep cast iron skillet like your chicken fryer or dutch oven (I think cast gives it that extra flavor but if you don’t have cast use any skillet).  Chop up a head of cabbage and pile it in.  Sprinkle with black pepper and a small bit of salt (the salt will draw out liquid from the cabbage so be careful with it).  Now you just keep turning or folding cabbage over and over while it cooks down.  Eventually the liquid will cook out and it will start to “fry” when this happens make sure you turn it down and flip it oven so it doesn’t stick.  If you find that your cabbage just has way to much liquid you can drain some out when its almost done to get to that “frying” stage. (starting to brown below – browned cabbage top of post)

 Just continue cooking until you reach that desired brown color and enjoy!  Southern Fried Cabbage as I have heard it called is made by cutting bacon into small pieces and frying in a cast iron skillet, then add cut cabbage, sprinkle with salt and pepper and cooking it down.  It’s very flavorful to again depending on how long you cook it what flavor you achieve.  Hope you enjoy and would love to hear how you enjoy cabbage!



  5 Responses to “Fried Carmelized Cabbage”

  1. Erin Patrick says
    I love cabbage, Karen. That sounds yummy and I’m going to try it! I nominated you for a blog award! You can ck it out here! http://mynuggetsoftruth.blogspot.com/2011/08/butterfly-award.html

    You bless me, Karen!

  2. I finally just taught myself how to make carmalized onions, wow YUM! This looks amazing:-)
    Hugs, Terra

  3. Oh wow this made my mouth water! I will need to make this ASAP! Thanks for sharing my dear, you rock!

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