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I love this weeks Monday’s Listacles (visit it’s all about FOOD!  Being a Foodie this is right up my alley but how in the world do I make a 10 item list about food?  So I decided to tell you some things I love that are FOOD related.  I apologize for not having lots of pretty pictures today but I get to spend some Raime time (my daughter) today and I need to get a move on!

1.  My favorite time of the day is breakfast, the quiet of it all,  every single day is a cup of latte with a pinch of brown sugar in the bottom and a sprinkle of vanilla sugar on the top…4 shots of espresso to get the day going and a slice of cinnamon loaf cake (from Wal-mart of all places…I have tried to recreate this and just haven’t gotten it as good as theirs lol…any help with that would be great.  I eat this just as pictured on the top of this post, nothing fancy just my favorite napkins and my favorite cup.

2. I love to cook for anyone and everyone but my favorite is  My family..mostly The Hubby, The Daughter & her Boyfriend &, The Son.they are my biggest fans and my biggest critics.  They all love to cook as well and they love to eat.  Our vacations and get togethers are more about food than the destination lol.

3.  My favorite restaurant – The Cheesecake Factory – Pasta Da Vinci, of which I recreated my own version…yum…and then of course The Cheesecake…all of it. Well and now that we are talking about it the stuffed mushrooms and the garlic mashed potatoes..Let’s get real just love the place!

4.  Love Love Love Pasta – pasta all kinds, all sorts of ways….!  I crave it even more when I am sick – how weird is that!

5.  My favorite thing to cook with is mushrooms – I throw them in anything I can!

6.  Love love love my kitchen…I am a nut for kitchen stuff but I also have OCD so it’s organized like none other.  My chef friend (hi Rusty) loves to just be turned lose in my kitchen.  I love going to garage sales to find that treasure…my most recent – Circulon pans like new for a few dollars!

7.  Love to talk about is FOOD – imagine that, I am always looking for new ideas, recipes, tips, hints…anything foodie…thus Bestfoodie Friends Sharing All Things Foodie….come on friends…SHARE!!!

8.  I love that food brings people together…so many important things have been discussed, laughed at, decided and cherished over food.

9.  I love that food plays on all of my senses, I love the sound food makes when its cooking, the way it smells, the way it looks so pretty, the way it feels in my hands when I create things and most of all the way it tastes.

10.  Lastly, the one thing I hate about food….the fact that too many people don’t get to enjoy their food, that there isn’t enough,  that its only a means of nourishment, as survival,  and not as something that is enjoyed.



  19 Responses to “Not Just Food….FOOD!”

  1. Dany says
    Fell out of bed feeinlg down. This has brightened my day!

  2. Alexavia says
    YMMD with that anewsr! TX

  3. Stopping by late from Monday Listicles – first time on your blog. (-:
    Your list is fabulous and has made me hungry even though I’m stuffed. How is that possible?! (-:

  4. Love #5 – I love mushrooms! And now I want to come play in your kitchen. 🙂

  5. I love how you spun this list. Breakfast might just be one of my most favorite meals of the day too. So many yummy and delicious ways to spin it, plus sweets are usually acceptable. I also love how you mentioned food bringing people together.

    • Hi, I love something sweet with latte or milk and breakfast is the easiest way to have the excuse but I do sometimes just have a muffin or pop-tart for supper if it’s really late lol…The Hubby on the other hand can eat a dull dinner anytime! Food is definitely a social thing for us !

  6. I live in Italy where food is the central element of any holiday, or get-together with friends or family. I am not a foodie, I eat to live rather than live to eat, so it has been an adjustment for me! I have to agree with you on breakfast, though. I wake up famished and love to have it alone, in peace! 🙂

    • Saretta, I so wish I could enjoy the foods of Italy and just see how beautiful it is. Life is so hectic and I think it’s good to take a minute for ourselves..glad you do. I so wish you enjoyed your food more though..

  7. So true, food can bring family together, but also can brake it. My in-laws stress too much about this. We don’t get together too often because they NEED to PLAN every single meal. They can’t roll with it. Food should be fun, relaxing and enjoyable. Not a chore.

    I am so thankful that I get inspired a lot by food, ingredients or just because…

    Cheesecake factory? Have you tried the cheesecake from “Trees Cafe”? so yummy.

    • Hi. I haven’t heard of Trees Cafe , I am in Indy maybe we don’t have it. I agree there are many things that can make food a bad situation and I am sorry you experience one of them. I don’t like drama around what should be pleasurable and relaxing and I love to just roll with it! Thanks foe stopping by!

  8. I love food. Eating it, cooking it, dreaming of new things to make. I like baking more than cooking. I think I’m just better at that. I am so glad I stopped by and found this wonderful blog! I love new recipes, new ideas…and you have so many! Great list, thanks for sharing!

    • It’s great meeting people who are foodies, thanks for visiting my site! I love to bake too, but I cook more . I like to experiment with new recipes switching them up to my families favorites.

  9. This is lovely! Food brings people together and I find my self talking about it all the time too. Specially at the barn with my friend. Which is sad, since there is none there to eat.
    Yes number 10 is so true, and I wish it wasn’t. And I would love to sit in your kitchen and watch you cook. Must be perfection.

  10. your breakfast sounds (and looks) AMAZING!!

  11. Your whole list was great, but #10 hit a spot. I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to just be happy to HAVE food, no matter if it’s good or not. I guess that’s why i love food and cooking now. I’m not a foodie blogger, but I have started sharing recipes once a week. You’re always welcome to snag them if you want to try something!

    • Crystal, that’s exactly what makes me sad. I am sure there are many of us who have been there, are still there, and sadly may be headed there with these tough times. I am so thankful and blessed to have and enjoy food and there are still times when the budget is tight and we learn as cooks and moms to stretch it out and try make it so good it’s forgotten that there is little. I am a follower of you and appreciate the invite to enjoy your recipes! I am glad that you would wish happiness in food to others.

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