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It’s Monday again and time for Monday Listicles with Stasha over at The Good Life http://northwestmommy  .  Being a bloggy slacker this is my first post since last week.  I promise to do better but my daughter has been out of school for a few weeks (she is getting her Nurse Practitioner) and we have been helping her with the new house.  It’s been a lot of work but a lot of fun and we are making memories that I wouldn’t trade anything for.  However, seeing as how I love lists and enjoy reading and making them I thought I would join in again.  The subject was about missed things.  I thought about it for days and I couldn’t come up with much other than people that had passed and when my kids were little and although I miss that I would have to say that enjoying them as adults are just as much fun, just different.  So…for things I missed, being as how this is a foodie site, here are 10 food things I miss:

(the picture is of Max with Raime saying “give me that bone”  I feel the same way about losing the following:

1.  ChiChi’s…loved their Chicken Fajitas and Queso….On The Border doesn’t compare sorry friends and family.

2.  Linders Ice Cream Shop – I miss the banana milkshakes with fresh bananas, had one several time a week while pregnant with my son.

3.  Flakey Jakes – best burgers ever and a fixin bar  that was out of this world.

4.  Prime Time – had the best Prime Rib, Baked Potatoes and Grilled Veggies.

5.  My Mammies Biscuits & Chocolate Gravy, although I can make it myself it will never ever be the same as waking up smelling hers.   When she passed I was lucky enough to get the pan she made the gravy in (not even a nice pan lol) and her beloved Army butter knife someone gave her.

6.  My Aunt Doris pot roast and Red Velvet Cake – again I can make these but they were so good when she made them and I could never get that taste again.  (Love you Aunt Doris)

7.  Dinner on the Grounds…. those baptist women sure could cook  (church suppers)

8.  Nibbles the kids were always giving me saying “Mommy bite”  (can’t wait until grandbabies, put in my request and was told they are back ordered 2-3 years.

9.  All my favorite things that the grocery stores decide as soon as I like them that it is time to stop carrying them…ugh!

10.  I miss the fun of eating and cooking and experimenting with food when we are overly busy or when I am going through a rough time with my health.  (But yeah for The Hubby, the kids, bestfriend Susan and others who make or bring me my favorite comfort foods if I can eat.   When i was little my Grandpa was so sick and had a feeding tube.  He would cry because he could smell food but couldn’t eat.  He passed away like that and I will always remember him lying in that bedroom wanting food and that makes me want to enjoy each bite, each taste, each recipe, everything foodie related and I hope you do too!

  18 Responses to “Foods I Miss”

  1. Karen,I am so thankful for all the great memories we have,I love you.

  2. Wimpy says
    Alright alright alright that’s excalty what I needed!

  3. Sharky says
    Alakazaam-informtaion found, problem solved, thanks!

  4. Jaylene says
    Way to use the inrtneet to help people solve problems!

  5. Adelaide says
    Unbelievable how well-written and inforamtvie this was.

  6. Veanna says
    Superior thinnkig demonstrated above. Thanks!

  7. Cute photo of Max and Raime 🙂 And I loved reading your list…but I think I’m too new to Indy to remember some of those spots!

    • Hi Liz, thanks for reading. That is one of my favorite pics! I am sorry you missed out on those restaurants, they were so good!

  8. Yum Yum list indeed. #10 is a reminder to not take my foods for granted. These days, I eat for survival and have forgotten how to enjoy my food. I need to slow down.

    • Hi, most all of us eat for survivial sometimes in our life, whether its because we are so busy or in ill health or money constraints make us eat what we can get not what we want. My husband says I have food rage instead of road rage because I want to enjoy my food even if its a dollar burger from McDonalds (oh and I hate mcdonalds lol) I need to slow down as well. I have the chance to do wojmething I love with my food blog, and yet my life is so busy its being neglected. I am a mom too and even though they are grown I find that The Hubby and the kids keep me busier now lol. I hope you find joy in your food soon, I am very glad to meet you.

  9. Mmmm – I miss your aunt Doris’s post roast and red velvet cake too – did she serve these at the same meal? Yummorama.
    (Stopped by from Listicles…)

    • Hi thanks for stopping by. She did actually have them together. I know she cooked me lots of things but those just stood out. Miss it and her..we are in different states 🙁

  10. Number 9? Yeah! I hate that! And it happens more often than you would think it ought to! Your number 10 made me want to cry, poor Granpa. 🙁

    • Seems to happen with lots of products even non food related, you would think popular items wouldn’t go way but it always feels like it is items that were always sold out too! Thanks for stopping by

  11. You know the crazy thing about Chi Chi’s? You can still buy their salsa and queso at out local grocery store. I don’t think there’s a single restaurant left, but the brand lives on!

  12. Oh, your number ten is so true. Everything we do should be like it was the last time. And be equally grateful for it.
    I am so glad you said that about supermarkets! I was starting to think I was going mad. I find something I like, put it on my shopping list and puff… Not there anymore. I walk around the isles just in case I missed it. Nothing. I thought it was a conspiracy?! But I guess we are all in the same boat.

    • I agree, it’s so frustrating especially if it was an ingredient you needed and you have to decide right there at the store what to do next. On being grateful.. we can always find someone worse off than we are and we should be grateful always and we all have blessings in our life I am sure of it, it’s just how you perceive things. Thanks for listicles it makes you think!

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