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I enjoy joining in on Monday Listicles  over at The Good Life (www.northwestmommy.com) but this weeks subject threw me a bit.  The subject was chosen by  @AdoTheMomalog (www.themomalog.com) and her idea was family tree.  Since I relate everything to food I started thinking of foods I love prepared by people in my family tree.  What i discovered is that a lot of my family make the exact same foods and that I am not sure where I get this interest in all things foodie and wanting to constantly try different things!  I found that biscuits, dumplings, and Kentucky BBQ topped the list and that everyone in our family, even the guys excel in the Kentucky BBQ department!  I also discovered that I just don’t have enough photos of the food I love so I am warning all family and friends now that I am going to become quite annoying with the picture taking of food!   Here is a list of some family members and the foods  I love:

1.  The Hubby, my Uncle Melvin, my Brother Jerry, & My Cousin Chris I credit for the best Kentucky BBQ (I make the sauce here though because I make it a smidgen different but The Hubby ALWAYS mans the grill, he is awesome and I wouldn’t even attempt to grill better) 

2.  My Aunt Ruby – well at the risk of offending the entire family I still have to say that my favorite family cook is My Aunt Ruby.  I have NEVER eaten anything bad that came from her kitchen.  She makes everything homemade and I could go on forever listing things but some of my favorites are biscuits, fried chicken, fruit salad, yellow cake with chocolate frosting, green beans and the chicken enchiladas oh my…I use and share that recipe all the time!  If I need to credit someone with my love for cooking I would place it there!

3.  My Mom, My Mammie (mom’s mom) also had biscuits to die for.  Now I admit that I can make a pretty good biscuit myself but when my Mom is in town I have her make me a bunch of biscuits and I freeze them before cooking on a cookie sheet and then The Hubby uses his “Seal a Meal” (he loves that thing) and seals them to keep in the freezer in packs of two.  When I want a nice fresh biscuit with a bowl of peaches (something my dad used to feed me and I still love it today) I just remove the biscuits from the freezer, open and place on a baking sheet or piece of foil and bake in oven or toaster oven  @350 degrees until brown.  My mom also makes the BEST chicken and dumplings in the family…if she doesn’t take that to the church pitch in the whole congregation is disappointed.

4.  My cousin Randy hold the title for the Baked Beans.  Again, I make them exactly the same and no one would probably know the difference but you know how things just taste better sometimes when someone else makes them….   The Hubby loves both the beans but he wouldn’t even eat baked beans until he had Randy’s and now he is a convert.  We call them “baked” beans lightly because we actually make them in a cast iron skillet with lots of bacon crisped up first before adding the rest of the ingredients.  I might add though that Justin makes them equally as well!


5.  Justin (The Son) well, he is much like his mother.  He likes recipes but he also likes to just throw stuff in a pan and see how it turns out.  He makes awesome biscuits and gravy ( I am impressed that Justin & Raime both can make sausage gravy, a task many find difficult for some reason)  He also makes the best Mexican meat for tacos….don’t tell him I told you but his secret is Rotel tomatoes in the meat cooked long and slow….

6..  Raime (The Daughter) is a Rachael Ray fan and she makes several dishes from her collection that I absolutely love: Balsamic Chicken with Pesto Gravy & Wilted Greens, and a meal of Salsa Stoup with Cheese Quesadillas.  She also makes incredible Nutella Biscotti Cookies.

7.  Robbie (Future Son-In-Law) makes the best Creme Brulee, there isn’t a restaurant Creme Brulee that can top his, it’s just not possible.  I think part of his secret (again, don’t tell) is that he puts extra vanilla bean  in when its on the stove top and tops the finished chilled dishes with fresh strawberries after caramelizing the sugar.  I can eat one with every meal!  (Robbie – I need some now!!!!)

8.  The Hubby – ok so I mentioned him already but he makes lots of awesome dishes besides being The Grill King…Chicken Parmesan and his special Chicken Pasta dish are among my favorites but I have to admit the most fun thing he makes is my heart shaped foods.  He has made me heart shaped food every year for Valentines day since I have known him.  A few examples:  Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cherry Pie (he had to make his own pie plate) , Steak,  bowl of lucky charms all the charms removed but the hearts, need I go on.  The Hubby & Justin also make the best chocolate chip cookies with a huge glass of milk for a treat to me all the time and I LOVE it!

9.  My Aunt Doris takes the credit for the best Red Velvet Cake and the best Pot Roast.  I have fond memories of both of these dishes.  I can recreate the cake but I just can’t top that roast!

10. Last but certainly not least, My Cousin Brandy of course is awesome cook and I love her Chinese Cole Slaw (she is Ruby’s daughter & Chris & Randy are her sons…get the picture lol) , My other Mom makes the best chocolate cake with vanilla frosting, My Mother In Law makes the best veggies on the grill and my Nan-In-Law makes awesome fried chicken we call Nanny Fried Chicken and my very very best friend Susan makes my favorite carrot cake, chocolate sheet cake, potatoe salad and German chocolate cake! (I also love Emily’s Peanute Butter Cookies with chocolate Kisses!)

So now I am starving and off to call Robbie and request Creme Brulee and eat some dinner….hope you enjoyed the list!


  22 Responses to “Food From The Family Tree”

  1. Thanks Karen,wish I remembered how I made the pot roast,I don’t like my cooking much any more.haven’t done a lot of cooking in years.I need to come by for some of your cooking.

  2. I think my beans are better than Randy’s. Just saying lol!

  3. I’m so humbled that my Creme Brulee made your favorite foods of the family tree list. I’m ready whenever you are to get into the kitchen and make it together so you can do your foodies thing and post the recipe and pictures. Keep up the good work. The blog looks great!

    • I was ready yesterday lol, you know I can eat your Creme Brulee every single day! Looking forward to getting in the kitchen with you and being your shadow so I can share this with everyone!

  4. I’m the grill master of my house; however, I’m happy to come over to yours and let your husband take over!! 😉

    Great post!

    • I would love for you to come over! The Hubby would gladly grill anywhere…there are few places we go he doesn’t volunteer because he thinks he does it best lol….so glad to have you here!

  5. I absolutely love this post and how you related it to food. There is something about food and family and the traditions of food and the memories that food evoke. It got me thinking about my own family and what food is their signature food. Thanks for the “food” for thought.

    • So glad you stopped by, love the “food for thought” comment. So..you said you were thinking about your family tree and their signature food…what is it?

  6. I am joining the ranks of hungry commenters, thanks to your mouth-watering post. Everything sounds delicious, and the creme brulee with extra vanilla and strawberries, well, that gets my vote!

    • Hi, so glad you joined us here! The Creme Brulee seems quite a hit…so much so I have asked Robbie to help me in the future and we will post the recipe and pictures along the way!

  7. I’m thinking of Aunt Ruby and Robbie’s Creme Brulee now. I always love reading your list – I somehow know it’s going to be food related and it’s always so interesting to see how you weave food into these prompts! Great foodie list once again! 🙂

    • Thank you for the compliment, I am so glad you enjoy the lists. It’s fun to try and tie food to each subject and I always am excited to see what is choosen for the next week and a bit nervous as well, lol. I was just talking to Robbie about doing a post on his Creme Brulee and I am looking forward to getting in the kitchen with him!

  8. Love how you tied this post topic in with the food! YUM and yes, now I’m hungry again 🙂

    • Thanks, I always try to use food with Stasha’s listicles and sometimes it is a challenge but it’s always fun! Hope you stop back by, thanks for visiting!

  9. Whah.. hearing you mention all those yummy dishes makes my mouth water.. really cool to have family members who are such good cooks.

    • Thank you so much for stopping by, I am very fortunate to be surrounding by good food. I tried to visit your blog and can’t get it too load for me….I will stop back by!

  10. I have nobody. Nobody in my near or extended family who makes Red Velvet cake, I mean, so I’m probably going to have to start that tradition.
    Wow – so many people in your family can cook! And boy, does this post make me hungry!

    • Thanks for visiting! Check out the red velvet recipe, it is a quick method and so good! It made me hungry writing the post!

  11. My mouth is watering. I want to taste them all, but your daughters Nutella cookies I must have, now!!
    I love how you did this, how talented your family is and how you have all these great recipes Best of all you are kind and share them with us!

    • Thanks Stasha! The cookies are Rachael Ray as well I think, I will double check and let you know. They are really good!

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