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I love the start of the week, a chance to do better than last week, to learn something new, laugh, love, eat and once again to join in Monday Listicles with Stasha – The Good Life over at http://northwestmommy.com. This weeks subject was Guilty Pleasures, chosen by One Pink Chick @ http://chicktuition.com. You can also find her on twitter (@chicktuition), she is funny and interesting and one of my favorite blogs to follow! Now, on to my guilty pleasures, of course I am going to relate these to food, imagine that……and first let me say if I could only have One thing the rest of my life it would be Kroger Skim Milk!

1. Morning latte with hint of brown sugar, 4 shots espresso and sprinkled with vanilla sugar on top along with a piece of cinnamon loaf cake. I make this around 6 am while The Hubby is sleeping and the kids are at home in their beds and all is quiet and right with the world. I bring it back upstairs, crawl back in the bed with The Hubby and grab my tablet or catch up on a DVR program. Love it! (Hubbard & Cravens espresso beans, the absolute best, worth a drive downtown to get)

2. The Hubby and I love having “Dinner & Movie” night…he spreads a towel across our bed and we enjoy carry out and a movie in the comfort of our bed, usually on Friday night…great way to end a chaotic week. (Really we do eat at the table, on the couch, outside, there isn’t a pattern here…lol)

3. I absolutely love fresh whipped cream. I really enjoy my isi whipped cream dispenser. I use heavy whipping cream and powdered sugar to make the cream and then it goes on and in drinks, ice cream and desserts!

4. Chocolate Chip cookies, The Hubby & Son both make these for me all the time and The Daughter and her boy bring them to me for a treat as well. The Hubby loves to surprise me with them at night or when I am not feeling well. I am one lucky spoiled girl!

5. Freezy coke – although I am not suppose to have carbonation or drink from a straw who can resist an icy cold frozen coke?

6.  Creme Brulee – Robbie’s of course, better than any restaurant..anywhere!  Watch for a post from Robbie and I this week with the recipe!


7.  Blue Bell Ice Cream – favorite flavor Kentucky Wonder but I also enjoy Banana Pudding, Pistachio Almond, Strawberries and Cream…well let’s face it…Is there a bad flavor, I doubt it!

8. Cake, all kinds of cake, Red Velvet, Carrot, German Chocolate, banana, apple, chocolate……cake,  cake, cake!

9. Pasta, any kind of pasta….my favorite food hands down.

10. Bread, all kinds of bread, hot, cold, sweet, savory, yeast…and oh my the cinnamon bread from Whole Foods, worth the drive every time!

11. Ok so suppose to do 10 but how do you do 10 guilty foods when you are a foodie, I mean really???? so here are some others and I will quit because quite frankly I could be here all day and I want to go read what your guilty pleasures are. Others mentions: cheesecake factory, hot chocolate from South Bend chocolate (The Daughter and boy surprise me with that as a treat when they have dinner downtown!), bread pudding, stuffed mushrooms, seasoned deli fries with ranch, Hidden Valley Ranch,cheese ,…ok I promised to stop but you get the idea!

  37 Responses to “Foodie Guilty Pleasures”

  1. I’m suddenly hungry 🙂 That’s what I get for reading food blogs after dinner….LOL.

  2. I just read your post on an empty stomach and now I want to stuff myself with bread and pasta and sweets!
    Cheesecake Factory is also one of my guilty pleasures. When I eat there I often order their deep-fried avocado eggrolls. There must be a zillion calories in each one.

  3. Oooo…. Frozen Coke – you’re speakin my language girl! Oh, and whipped cream – I could eat just that with a spoon! Creme Brulee and I have a long time love affair going on – I’ll be expecting a generous helping of Robbie’s with fresh, hot caramelized sugar on the top in the mail… overnighted please! Thanks. ;^)

    • Oh if I could only get it to you there would never be another Creme Brulee for you. It is heavenly. We made it and I took lots of pictures and am posting it tonight or in the morning….It is ridiculous how I can just sit and eat it and when bowl is empty I want to go get another out of the fridge…pathetic lol

  4. Oh you do like your carbs, don’t you? My kind of girl! And I love all the special treatment you get from your hubby and kids. But what’s up with the Kroeger skim milk? Not exactly cream, now is it? 🙂

    • Lol, I love cream as well and put it in sooo much stuff but I am so weird about milk…and Kroger skim is my favorite. Everyone that knows me laughs about that and the fact I cook with butter and cream and love carbs yet drink skim milk…even in my Latte. Imagine how stupid…Red Velvet Latte with skim milk and whip cream on top…hahaha..

  5. Oh, Pasta and Bread. Yummy. I can’t say no to carbs apparently.

  6. Not only am I starving but I really want that coffee. It sounds delicious with vanilla sugar.

  7. Now I’m hungry and I want to come live with you.

  8. Well now I’m hungry!!

  9. Oh, how could I forget about creme brulee!! I love your list — I think I may be a foodie 🙂

  10. Emk, now I’m starving and thirsty and it’s too late for any of those things on your list! I should have known better!

  11. The dinner and a movie in bed idea is so great…I’m definitely doing that this week! I KNEW when I read your post, I would leave wanting food and lots of it!

  12. Now those are some real guilty pleasures! All kinds of goodies! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  13. Yum Yum! These are great comfort foods! I’ve never tried Freezy Coke. I don’t think they have it here. I love pasta too! And I can’t wait for the Creme Brulee post 🙂

  14. I love bread too (which is why I am completely tormented by your list right now – cleansing – arg). I am very excited about trying out your number 2 guilty pleasure – what a FABulous idea!

  15. Ooh!! I am LOVING your list!!! All of these are wonderful…especially the first cup of coffee, early in the morning…you described it perfectly! I love pasta, cake, frozen Cokes, cookies…mmmm, now I’m hungry 😉
    GREAT list 🙂

  16. Blue Bell ice cream? I’m not familiar, but intrigued. Being an ice cream junkie, it looks darn good!

  17. You are my kinda girl. Actually, 4 shoots of espresso make you a real woman 🙂

  18. Terra, it is fun and so relaxing!!!! Thanks for stopping by…I can’t wait to read everyone’s guilty pleasures this afternoon!

  19. LOL! I have too many too, the list could go forever:-) I love the movie night idea, so cute to put the towel on bed and enjoy goodies, love it! Sending hugs, Terra

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