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Finally, the promised post of Robbie’s creme brulee.  First I want to say that it has taken me ALL DAY to do this post, 1st my drafts didn’t auto save, then manual save moved all the info around and deleted parts, then recipe insertion program deleted my entire post two times and then the internet went down!  OMG!!   So here is the post, probably not very well articulated or put together and who knows how it will appear on the page!  The recipe is in a different format than usual due to the malfunctioning recipe program but I got it to you all non-the-less.  Prior to all the posting problems I had so much fun with this for many reasons, I got to spend some time with Robbie, learn to make creme brulee from the best, and EAT IT!  Robbie adapted this recipe from McCormicks Steak House but his tips concerning vanilla beans  and carmelization make it soooo much better.  I guarantee you that there isn’t a better creme brulee in a restaurant anywhere!  I will share the recipe at the end of the post but would like to show you some pictures and tips first.  I hope you make this version and enjoy.
One of the great things about Creme Brulee is that it takes so few ingredients:

9 egg yolks

¾ cup sugar (plus 8 teaspoons additional sugar for caramelizing the tops prior to serving)

2 vanilla beans

1 quart heavy cream

Strawberries (or Raspberries

Separate the 9 egg yolks from the egg whites and place into a large mixing bowl (preferably one with a spout on it because you will have to pour from the bowl later).

Add ¾ cup sugar to the egg yolks and whisk together until the mixture becomes pale yellow and thick.  Set Aside

In a medium saucepan, add 1 quart heavy cream and heat on low.

Split 2 vanilla beans with a paring knife, scrape out the seeds with the back of the knife.   *Tip*   That’s double the vanilla beans than of a typical recipe !

Add seeds and whole beans  to the heavy cream. *Tip*  Robbie  adds the vanilla bean stems to the  draw out as much vanilla flavor as possible.  Bring the heavy cream and vanilla bean seeds/stems to a brief simmer (MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT OVERHEAT OR THE CREAM WILL BOIL OVER),   Remove the cream from heat and pull the vanilla bean stems out of the saucepan.  *Tip* Do Not Strain the custard!Slowly temper the egg yolks by gradually whisking the heavy cream into the egg yolk and sugar mixture.  (If the cream is added to quickly, the egg yolks will cook)  *Tip*  There is a lot of bean left in pan, scrape it out and whisk into mixing bowl!  All the extra vanilla bean makes a HUGE difference and it’s pretty!

Pour the custard into 8 (6-ounce) ramekins, filling each ramekin about ¾ full. *Tip* Note that there is a lot of vanilla bean left in this bowl as well, using a spoon divide it on to the top of each ramekin.

Place ramekins into roasting pan and fill pan with water until it comes halfway up the sides of the ramekins.

Cover loosely with foil to prevent browning and bake at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for 40-45 minutes, or until the edges of the custard are barely set. (My ramekins weren’t all the same size so we made 10  and had to use  two pans.)

Once the edges are barely set, remove from the oven and cool to room temperature.

Transfer the ramekins to the refrigerator and chill for 2-4 hours.

When ready to serve, sprinkle 1 teaspoon of sugar over the top of the custard. Using a kitchen torch, caramelize the sugar to form a light brown crust.  (In order to prevent burning the sugar, keep the torch moving 2 inches from the top of the custard) *Tip*  I truly feel that the fact Robbie doesn’t over carmelize the sugar giving it that “burnt” taste makes it so much better than the restaurants.

Garnish with fresh strawberries or raspberries, whichever you prefer

Serve immediately and Enjoy!

As you can see the vanilla bean is the main secret tip and the lightly carmelization of the sugar is the other!   Trust me not only does it look pretty to see the vanilla bean in it but it tastes out of this world!  So my Best Foodies Friends…there it is…and now I am off for a well deserved dish of same said recipe!
NOTE:  You will be able to find the recipe under Sweet Tooth as well!

  22 Responses to “Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee (Robbie’s)”

  1. Ahhhh, Creme Brulee makes me happy! I love making it at the cafe, such a gorgeous dessert:-) This recipe looks fantastic!!! Hugs, Terra

  2. Oh, we love creme brulee! Yours looks fantastic with the berry on top…yum!

  3. I have had Robbie’s Creme Brulee and it is wonderful. But I did not have the directions for making it. So thank you. I will try my hand of making it soon

  4. This is totally worth the painstaking all day long post process. I absolutely hate it when my stuff doesn’t autosave, that’s the worst! Wonderful photos and I love the detail in the recipe. It looks fantastic!

  5. Oh my goodness…that looks absolutely delicious!! I’m not sure I would be successful at this though. I’d probably mess it up…so, I’ll make dinner and you bring this for dessert, and Jacqui and everyone else can come too 😉

    • Sounds like a dinner party at your house – I can’t wait! Actually it is soo easy to make I just went to great lengths to show just how important the vanilla is. I would be willing to bet that you can make this! I wish I could “run” on over and we would make it together…haha, nope still not running!

  6. I have never tried making creme brulee. Always a treat for me when I go to a restaurant, but sometimes it’s great and other times it’s just ‘meh’. Someday I will try to make this myself (on a cleanse right now – blah).

  7. YUM! I can’t wait until you deliver this to my house! Wait…you are delivering it to my house, aren’t you?

  8. Thank you for going through all this trouble. It doesn’t look easy but you explained it in such a great way I am going to take the plunge! Let know how I do.

    • I was intimidated to make creme brulee before watching Robbie and now I think it is approachable for me too lol. However, it’s much more fun when Robbie makes it and I am sure it tastes better because its special to me that way! Please let me know if you give it a whirl. I know the post seems long but I wanted to detail it out so people could see how simple and how important the vanilla was!

  9. I was actually stalking your blog the past few days for this recipe, since you mentioned on Monday that you’ll be posting it this week. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful recipe. Thanks to Robbie too for his tips! I wouldn’t have thought of leaving the vanilla beans inside but I can imagine it would enhance the flavour of vanilla even more.
    Do you need to let the cream cool a little first before mixing it into the egg yolks?
    Also, just curious what did y’all do with the 9 egg whites? 🙂

    • Stalking is a good thing in this case!!! He actually turned the cream off while we were setting out the ramekins and that was it. As long as you very slowly add to the eggs it doesn’t “cook” them. Egg whites…cooked them and added to the puppies food lol.

    • I had an egg white omlette in a wrap once with roasted vegetables and feta cheese. De-lish!

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