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This weeks Listicles was chosen by Cookie’s Mom over at http://cookieschronicles.blogspot.com and she chose Ten Tips for New Moms.  I always try to tie food into every Listicles topic so I had to think back about when I was a new mom and not an old one lol.  Thank you so much for this trip down memory lane.  Read all the listicles with Stasha  at : (http://northwestmommy.com)

 1.  Always have a camera ready…and always let them enjoy their food…even if they get a bit messy…they wash..trust me! The header picture is my son after a very hard afternoon playing outside.  I just couldn’t resist snapping these pics…I really did clean him up before putting him down for a nap!

 2.  Bear in mind that food doesn’t always go in their mouth…sometimes it goes on the floor, in their hair (or yours lol) and really really watch for that occasional food up their nose…so gross but Cheerios do fit there…hahahaha.


 3.  Let them help in the kitchen as often as they will.    My kids were always under my feet and I am so glad…both of them are great cooks and I know they will never starve!

 4. When grocery shopping Never ever put cheese in the front of your cart where a toddler can reach it…sounds silly right…not so much, Raime picked it up  and bit the corner off, sucked the plastic down her throat and every time she cried and sucked back her throat closed off, she turned blue, my mom screamed for help and a nurse ran out of line and helped us get that tiny piece of plastic out of her throat…OMG!

 5.  Teach them that making food for family and friends is really fun, especially if they like the food.  Some of our best conversations at the table or over a meal! (Raime, Justin and Grandpa)


6.  Get your kids to try new foods, just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean they won’t.  Expect them to be critics of your cooking (Raime note to me)

 7.  Eat when they sleep, it might be the only time you get a hot meal or to enjoy it without scarfing it down!

 8.  Let them know how much fun it is to “lunch” with friends!

9.  Beware, they will try to “eat” things that are not food!

10.  Let them eat other places than just at the table.  There will be times when they don’t want to eat at all so make it fun…outside, picnic on the bed (see guilty pleasures post), in the floor, just let them love to eat! (below ME, back in the day lol)

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  1. Great post, Karen! And the note saying I don’t like the dip is just classic…that’s kids for you. I don’t visit here often enough…I’ve missed so many wonderful posts!

  2. I love that you saved the note about the dip and shared it here. Priceless! My daughter is just starting to get to the age where she can help us cook, and I’m getting excited to start some baking projects with her!

  3. Awww, this made me laugh and cry at the same time. I absolutely love it. I am always tripping over Max at the moment (he’s 18 months, now) and he always runs up and hugs my legs when I’m standing at the stove…he also eats everything (food or not : / ) haha. Trey is five and LOVES cooking and telling me how to do everything. I’m so happy you shared your precious memories and keepsakes with us. And thanks for the reminder that these moments, though crazy and hectic and hilarious…are indeed fleeting. 🙂 Wonderful post.

    • Max hugging your leg reminded me of what Raime would do…..she would sit on my foot and wrap around my leg and there were days I just had to walk around the kitchen like that she was so stuck to me lol! She turned out very independent but still attached to the mommy too (thank goodness)

  4. That note made me laugh! But at least she was sweet about it.
    We’re in the middle of learning to eat and yes, it is very messy. And you’re right–they are washable so I just kinda leave it and laugh.

    • Best to let them get their hands dirty so they don’t mind dirty work when they are adults lol, we all know sometimes we have to do that kind! Raime is still pretty diplomatic about her distastes, she is actually very funny about it. Thanks for visiting!

  5. I love baking and cooking with my kids. It is amazing how much more they eat when they have had a hand in making it.

    • That is so true, anything that the share in the making of means so much more to them. I always felt that way and included mine in cooking, shopping, decorating their rooms and now they take pride in their homes and their cooking. They tend to eat more and take better care of things that they put some time and effort in! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I love that your kids write you notes! How sweet is that?

    Great lessons you are teaching your kids!

    • Thank you, I have them grown and gone but I am so fortunate that they live very very close and we see each other all the time. I totally treasure all the notes and letters and cards in their keepsake box…my most precious items!

  7. Teaching kids a love of food is great! I especially love letting them eat in other places. Since it’s so cold/dark/dreary here so often we do lots of “picnics” in the living room. It’s awesome.

    • I love picnics inside…The Hubby and I have dinner aned movie night on Friday and he spreads a towel over our bed and we take our food up and put in a good movie (or catch up on DVR shows) and just relax. We love it. Even when the kids were still home we went up to our room and had a picnic, jammies or comfy clothes and all…sometimes the kids still come and catch up on a show or movie ….love it!

  8. OMG – that typed letter is priceless! “Well, I guess I better go now.” LOL – love it! Oh, and #6 – ya, I’ve failed my children and that’s probably why they torture me every time it’s time to eat! I swear my kids would live off of milk & cheese if I’d let them.

    • I can’t argue with milk and cheese because I love them. If only given the option of one item to drink the rest of my life I would pick skim milk, (never said I wasn’t weird) Raime and I were discussing why did she type that letter, it was so funny! Thanks for commenting, so glad we met through Listicles!

  9. I do so love your list! That note about the dip is absolutely PRICELESS!!! So good 🙂

  10. Thanks for writing a post about me! You are doing a great job with the blog. Sorry I don’t have more time to get on here and check things out. I do love the pic with Papaw Allen though! Love you!

    • Aww, I am so proud of you and how hard you are working in school. You are a great nurse and will soon be a great nurse practioner, but you will ALWAYS be my baby girl. (Even ifyou don’t like the dip lol) Thank you for taking the time to check this out and for being encouraging about my blog!

  11. Well. Now I feel terrible, because your blog is cool and has good advice, whereas I am all drivel.
    I remember Elijah getting into cottage cheese in the cart when he was a toddler. No choking, but quite a mess!

  12. #7 made me laugh out loud!! Really. So true and no one ever says that!!

    • It seems as though everytime food is hot and ready babies have other plans! I am pretty certain that no mom ever withered away from cold dried up food but thought I should warn them just in case LOL!

  13. Aw LOVE it! Really a list down memory lane for you huh? Love that sweet note that Raime wrote to you about your dip! Haha! And he has very good handwriting.

    Love that picture of you too – looking all prissy on your little tricycle! 😀

    • Thank you! Yep right down memory lane, looking in my keepsake box at all the cute little notes was almost a tear pool waiting to happen, …my babies are so grown….Justin is 30 and Raime well she is 27!

  14. All great tips! That cheese story is so scary! I never would’ve thought of that.

    • Thanks for visiting, when Your comment popped up with your pic holding those lobsters I laughed again remembering your post! The cheese thing was one of those freak things that you just never see coming, it was awful!

  15. Oh gosh, this was a great list! I love how you tied food into it. And that’s really scary about the plastic wrapper on the cheese…holy cow!!
    And kids ARE washable…best advice ever!! It applies to so much more than just food 🙂

    • The cheese wrapper thing was horrible, I don’t think even my mother will ever be the same again! I just didn’t even think about it, I mean who would have thought??? Oh yeah, I have OCD so dirty gets me and I did clean them up often or change their clothes but I recognized that they were kids and they get dirty and we just washed them and their clothes, and well nothing went unscathed because I say let them be kids!!! It’s fun before clean and wash later!

  16. Oh I just love this list!! I love that note that Raime gave to you! So precious!

    • She is all grown up now but still calls often and asks whats for dinner…I just love it!!! She wrote me so m any notes through the years as did Justin and they are among my most precious memories!

  17. I am LOVING this list. These are some great ideas! Food is a big deal in our house and we LOVE the quality time we spend while enjoying meals together!

    • Meal time is my favorite, somehow when your eating things just seem to get brought up and talked about. So much fun and so informative, even though sometimes you learn things maybe you didn’t want to know..hahaha!

  18. I love this list, especially how it revolved around food & meal time. We’re a family that has continuously taken our girls out to eat- be it diner, fast food, or nice resaturant since birth, and I think that speaks to your #10. Having a variety of food experiences, so important!

  19. This is so perfect, so true and so melting my heart! The notes, photos and advice, everything about this list l love!!

    • Thanks Stasha, It did a number on my heart too and of course I couldn’t help but read the other notes in the box as well! I am truly enjoying todays list I think more than any. Lots of good laughter and its fun to see how everyone relates and understand each other through being Moms!

      • You are right. It is like good friend sitting together comparing notes. We only all know each other via the web but it feel like we have so much in common. It is so sweet to read your daughters comment on you post.

  20. I really like your food perspective on this, too! My husband and I have trouble getting the kids to try things that we don’t like….I think we are pretty transparent in our feelings for them, and we don’t cook those things at home. We should work on that…

    • Its hard to tell kids “do as I say not as I do” but just refer to “faking them out” ….you don’t have to tell them you don’t like it lol. Thanks for stopping by my list! So glad to meet you!

  21. I’m so jealous you still have your keepsake box. I should have kept mine out of reach of curious fingers. This was such a sentimental post. I am not over here crying.

    • Aww, I hate that you don’t have yours. Maybe that should have been on our lists…teach them to leave things alone but be smart enough to put things out of reach lol…..I always say in case of fire once I remove all breathing things from the home I will grab my box and the ice cream pic of Justin that hangs on our family room wall. Please don’t cry 🙁

  22. i love your take on this prompt!! love all the pictures (the note that the dip isn’t liked made me snort)
    how scary #4 must’ve been!!!! 🙁 🙁

  23. AH! I was soooo tiny in that picture! I makes me wish I was that tiny again! haha! And now I kinda wish I still had that table so I could use it for my future children. I am going to have to find one like it when I am older so I can do that for my future little ones. =) Love you!

  24. Since I am your Mother I really enjoyed reading this and the pictures were great..Now that I have had my trip down memory lane I am off to see my Hubby in rehab.

  25. I love the pictures…especially the one at the top…and the notes! Great tips!

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