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This weeks Monday Listicles was chosen by non other than Stasha herself over at The Good Life http://northwestmommy.com and for obvious reasons her topic is Halloween.  I can’t really say a lot about Halloween foods so I will just give you a list of favorite fall foods with “fall” items.  (above – Raime & Robbie, although not their Halloween costumes they still look adorable all dressed up supporting the Colts!)

1.  In honor of halloween – candy – favorites are Reece, Mr. Goodbar,  Zagnut (although can’t find anymore) and Butterfingers.

2.  Sweet Potato Casserole – loaded with brown sugar, pecans and cinnamon!

3.  Apple Cake – so easy to make and wonderful with the apples from our local orchards!

4.  Carrot Cupcakes – sweet and easy to make with baby food as the secret!


5.  White Chicken Chili – nothing like it on a cold dreary day!   I came up with my own version after we fell in love with it at Yats!

6.  Chili – always a fall favorite – we mix it up by switching out pasta for rice sometimes and different kinds of tomatoes (salsa, fireroasted, rotels, just depends on the mood)

7.  Fajitas over the fire pit – We just got a new Weber cast iron wok and the fajitas were incredible over the open fire!  Now amongst our favorite things!

8.  Hot Dogs & Smores over at fire – that’s just a given!

9.  Caramel Apple Cider – apple cider frothed (steamed) with caramel and whip cream on top…watch out Starbucks it tastes just the same!


10.  Latte – all sorts of latte, red velvet, brown sugar, caramel, white chocolate mocha…the list is endless just give me Latte! (Red Velvet above)

Hope you enjoyed this weeks list and that you have a safe Halloween!

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  36 Responses to “Fall for Foodies”

  1. I love this dish a lot..Thanks for the recipe dear..Totally loving it….Following your blog straight away..If you have time Check out my blog too..

    I am having a Giveaway..

  2. I swear I’m going to just show up at your doorstep one day!

    • I would be so delighted to have you…bet we would have some great laughs…I promise to feed you…(if only it were that simple just to drop in to each others houses…that’s the only bad part of social networking, meeting wonderful people and living so far apart)

  3. You should try the Starbucks caramel brulee latte when it comes out. Yummy!

  4. You should try the Starbucks caramel brulee latte when it comes out. It is yummy!

    • Oh, let me know when it does…I don’t want to miss it. I am willing to bet that I will love it and will be duplicating it! Thanks for the tip and stopping by to visit!!!

  5. Love the fatijas.. it has been a long time since I have eaten that..must really learn how to make that dish so that I can have it more often.

    • I make my fajitis so simply by just stir frying some different peppers and onions togther with meat and fajita seasoning and southwest seasoning I buy at the store. Add some tortilla shells, cheese, and toppings of choice and wala…done. The pepper that I think adds so much is actually called a fajita bell and I have never seen them at the store…we grow them from plants I find of all places at the hardware store! I should make a post!

  6. Love the Caramel Apple Cider drink, it looks amazing:-) I am such a lover of anything apple, and seriously anything apple cider makes me happy:-) Hugs! Terra

    • I actually “borrowed” the caramel apple cider from Starbucks lol…I use my espresso machine and froth the cider with a touch of cinnamon syrup and add caramel. Top it off with whip cream…oh my I might have to go make one just talking about it! Hope to see you on Pinterest!

  7. YUM!! To all of it!! Chili’s on the menu for tomorrow night, can’t wait! And lattes…yes please!

    • Next time you running in my neighborhood stop by..I will fix you a Latte…wouldn’t it be nice if it were only that simple. Chili is always a great go to on these fall days!

  8. What a great idea – baby food as the secret ingredient to carrot cake! YES! I never would’ve known had I not read this post. (-:

  9. I am all about lattes, the hotter the better. My new favourite dessert to take places is called S’more Cobbler. It is easy to make and a big success. I found it on pinterest. You would love it.

  10. I love fall food…this is a perfect collection and it is making my stomach growl. Thank you for sharing with me…and thank you for visiting my own blog. Your comments mean so much to me.

  11. I have to remember not to visit your blog on an empty stomach 😉 What delicious photos!
    Judging by the amount of candy my kids scored last night you could say we had a successful Halloween. I just wish they’d want to eat something other than candy today…

    • Oh please visit on an empty stomach and grab some recipes! We had some candy left over and I will have to try to stay out of it all day! Sounds as though kids did well…did you get yourself out a few favorites?

  12. Mmm, yum! Pure yum! I love fall food- so very cozy!

    Also the hot drinks! Pumpkin spice lattes and salted caramel mochas make me swoon! 🙂

    • Nothing better than a hot drink and a soft blanket throw! I hate pumpkin so I’ve never tried the pumpkin spice latte but I have had the salted caramel! I like to try the drinks at the coffee shops so I can duplicate them at home…so fun and so much cheaper!

  13. The fajitas sound delicious. The Caramel Apple Cider I have never tried but I want one now!

    • Fajitias are our go to meal when we are looking for something quick and easy, chicken and steak..yum! I was so surprised the first time I had the caramel apple cider with whip cream, just wasn’t sure about the idea of that. Once I had it there was no turning back…I just had to copy it at home!

  14. Yum! I should probably start hanging out at your house! I can see why you’re so fond of your Colt fans!

  15. I want everything on your list! Even to go to the Colts game, and I do not know who they are. But they make people happy 🙂
    If you were my neighbor I would never go to Starbucks again!

    • Lol, the Colts …the NFL football team for Indiana! The kids love the Colts and the Cubs which are Baseball in Chicago Illinois. They don’t make the kids too happy when they lose though.
      I wish you were my neighbor…I love making drinks and trying to copy all the coffee shops…and it’s way cheaper!!!!!

  16. Mad Woman behind the Blog says
    Oooh, I LOVE apple cake. I will have to make some asap. And I love the idea of making carrot cake from baby food.

    Also…. I am now on the hunt for that cast iron wok. Will be adding it to my Christmas wish list!

    So happy to meet you, btw!

  17. YUUUUUUUUUM. i’m not even sure what to comment on but it all looks and sounds SOOO good!

  18. Once again..Yum Yum! This list has seriously made me hungry. It’s 10pm over here and time for some supper! You have a great Halloween! 🙂

  19. Those cupcakes look killer and that chicken chili, YUM!

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