Dec 312011

Our Family would like to wish all of you a safe New Years Eve and a Happy New Years.  Although there are so many stories of hardships around us, passings, sickness, accidents, job losses…I have also heard stories of the many blessings people have received.  I think that if we hold onto those blessings and find something to be grateful for everyday the journey is easier.  We  as a family are so blessed to have each other and our extended families, friends,  warm homes, food on our tables and the grace of God!  What a blessing to even have another minute to be together!  I hope and pray that each of you make many new memories this year and even if times are difficult in your lives that you cherish every minute you get to be with those that you love!

I am looking forward to sharing lots of new recipes this year and sharing my new site all about Home Decor and saving money)  ( .

Love from our Home to Yours!

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  1. Happy everything to you and yours! What great, happy, warm family photo!

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