Jan 182012

It has certainly been awhile since I have had the pleasure of posting on this site.  It has already been a trying short year with illnesses in our household.   After going through boxes of lysol cleaning pads and wiping down  virtualy every single inch of our home and my brother even suggesting I lysol the Hubby and my nephew we have started to mend.  Thankfully Raime suggested before she started back to her clinicals and the grind of class we  take a wonderful trip to Ohio to get away from all the blahs around here.  Raime, Robbie, The Hubby & I visited Jungle Jim’s, Ikea and had dinner at Quaker Steak & Lube.  It was a fun and exhausting day and I wouldn’t trade a minute of it.  Jungle Jim’s of course was so much fun for the foodies in us.  As anticipated it was huge and had thousands of items we have never seen before.  The middle was much like any other grocery store but all around was speciality areas from cheeses, meats, breads, sauces, produce, to foodie bars including olives, pickles and salsa bars, sushi being made on the spot as well as aisle after aisle depicting items from various countries.











After close to 4 hours in the store we found our cart full of unique sauces, spices and food items to bring home.     Examples of are treasures:  The Hubby’s favorite was salsa containing Ghost Peppers (suppose to be THE hottest) and hot sauce containing Ghost Peppers.  I am excited about a unique bottle of olive oil that rests on top of a bottle of balsamic vinegar and a  bottle of wine that is a Cabernet & Merlot mix in a bottle that looks like a waiter holding a towel with the wine name and a bottle of wine on his shoulder.











I also came away with a wonderful loaf of Challah bread.   I used the bread to make a wonderful banana bread pudding and a post containing the recipe is coming this week!  Raime came away with the wine and oil/vinegar as well as the biggest pickle I have ever seen from the pickle bar.  Robbie hit the sushi bar for several kinds of sushi and of course The Hubby & Raime did as well.  They actually ate it in the car before heading to our next stop at Ikea.  I didn’t get to enjoy sushi as I am allergic to seafood and surprisingly they didn’t have any thawed mushrooms for my favorite vegetable roll.  I calmed the hunger pains from being teased by all the great foods  Smoked Gouda Cheese Ball followed by a White Chocolate Amaretto Cheese Ball.  The Hubby &  Robbie decided they wanted to try the marinated Octopus….yuck…Raime and I passed…again yuck!











Ikea was a blast as well and again we were in the store about 4 hours.  We came away again with a cart full of goodies and not surprisingly anchoring a desk top to the luggage rack of the Escape lol.   Raime found the neatest organizing system for under the upper kitchen cabinets and I love the black stone mortal and pestle that I purchased.  Of course after all day shopping The Hubby was getting a bit slap happy as you can see in the photo..he has lost his mind…


Last but not least we stopped for dinner at Quaker Steak  & Lube.  Many of you may be familiar with it, Man vs Food did a show where the challange was eating their hot wings….as I am sure you know before its said….Steve and Raime had to try them.  I am not afraid to say that I declined as well as did Robbie.  Robbie had wings with more of an Asian Sauce and I had BBQ boneless.  We all shared a 4 Wheeler which consisted of Onion Rings, Homemade pretzels with Beer Cheese, mozzarella Sticks & Fried Pickles.  The place was decorated with motorcycles, had gas pump handles as door knobs and looked like a Garage.  The food was wonderful and I would definitely eat there again when in Ohio!

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