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I am so excited today to join in on Monday Listicles over at www.northwestmommy.com again.  It has been quite some time and I have missed doing so.  This weeks List was chosen by Ally from www.twonormalmoms.blogspot.com and she gave us two choices…10 things you would like to see happen before you die or 10 things that give you anxiety.  Well, here’s the thing….I am a high anxiety person and considering I have diagnosed OCD it’s no wonder.   Although I have anxiety about more things than I could list in any reasonable amount of time my list should be kept foodie related considering.  So here goes and I will force myself to stop at 10 although I already know that I could make a very large list lol….

1.  People using my Wusthof knives and not washing, drying and putting them away as soon as done with them.  It’s the life of the knife.

2.  For the bar to get used as a catch all…as a matter of fact for anything to get used as a catch all….everything has a place…everything in it’s place.

3.  Not having certain ingredients on hand…cream, chicken broth, eggs, butter, sugar, flour, …ok I like groceries and grocery shopping I like the feeling of having food items on hand.

4.  Dishes in the sink, I do the dishes and clean the kitchen as soon as meal is over, then I can be with family or relax without it hanging over my head.

5.  Having to cook in a hurry…I like to just relax and enjoy the experience.

6.  Unorganized or over crowded cabinets.  I clean and sort several times a year and get rid of extra items.  Now mind you the kitchen is the one room in the house that has tons of stuff in it, organized of course.  Kitchen items are my garage sale, goodwill,  eBay, shopping etc weakness.

7.  For the trash to get to the top and someone to try cramming on last piece of trash in instead of changing the bag…please how long does that take?

8.  Putting the koolaid pitcher back  in the refrigerator with one sip in it…really?

9.  For there to be food or crumbs or dirt on the floor that you feel under your bare feet.  I sweep often because the kitchen is where the garage door enters and everyone also has to cut through the kitchen to get from the pool to bathroom so stuff just gets tracked in.

10.  Worrying that what I fix for a meal or guests won’t be well received.

Now please don’t judge…I love to cook for people…in fact when people say don’t worry about food or dessert or whatever that gives me anxiety too lol….I like to cook, it’s one of my favorite things to do so I hope you’re not thinking that with all that anxiety you don’t ever want to visit my kitchen.  Actually it’s a fun-loving place to be.  We spend most of our time there and I love having people sitting all around the bar and at the table, all chatting while I am preparing food.  Anxiety aside we welcome guests and although  I don’t really wait on anyone when they are here as the house rule is:  “make yourself at home…if you can find it you can eat or drink it…help yourself” , I still think you would find a visit to our home an experience if nothing else.

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  1. What a great kitchen you have! I am sure you don’t need to worry about your food not being good. Anyone who takes that good care of their knives is sure to be a fabulous cook. But, I understand completely 🙂

    • Thank you so much. It has been so interesting finding out that many people feel the same about their knives! I am glad I am not the only one. I do so love my kitchen but their is that occasional dish that doesn’t make the repeat list for sure!

  2. Your kitchen is gorgeous! And I have to say that no one is as bad as my husband about the full-trash-stuffing. It can be overflowing and he’ll just keep stuffing and ONLY takes it out when I beg him too.

  3. I was thinking…you could come live with me. I promise to clean up while you cook, take proper care of the knives, and love everything you make. 🙂 Wait…on second thought, I’ll come live with YOU…your kitchen is much nicer than mine.

  4. What a great post, seems like we have a few of the same pet peeves!

  5. I always worry about making others dinner and what they think about it! And i always have to have the dishes done at least before I go to bed. Who wants to wake up and come out to a sink full of dirty dishes!?

    • I enjoy making dinner more if I know that the guests are enjoying eating it. I can’t stand to get up and want to make latte or cinnamon toast and see dirty dishes…yuck. The Hubby is very very good about cleaning up after his late night meal…thank goodness!

  6. Karen,
    I’m pretty picky about my kitchen too! Can’t stand dirty dishes in the sink, or clutter on the counter! I would love to visit your house for a meal. I think we would have a great time and it would be a hoot!

    Love ya!

    • We would truly have a blast I am sure of it and you are welcome anytime!!! I don’t like clutter in any room…I tell the kids to keep their houses like someone is stopping by anytime lol….proud to see they are clean and neat!

  7. I have to say, this made me laugh a little. I adore cooking and baking, but I don’t let it stress me out or give me anxiety. That takes all the fun out of the experience! As for organization, I keep everything tidy most of the time. I clean the pantry twice a month and bring older items to the front. The cleaning? I have that covered with my OCD hubby who is obsessed with cleaning everything under the sun. We compliment each other well I think. LOL

    • The Hubby is pretty tidy here but probably more for his safety and my sanity than his lol…..I really don’t get anxious about the cooking itself….thats the fun fun part….it’s the other things that have me a tad uptight. I like pulling things to the front of the pantry…awesome organization!

  8. Ok – first off, love your kitchen! Secondly, #7… yea, we call that Trash Jinga in our house. And lastly, I too hate the feeling of crumbs on the floor. That’s why I wear socks 90% of the time. Great post! I don’t think you’re crazy 🙂

    • aww thanks…wish you could come sit in my kitchen and make me laugh! I don’t know what I would do without doses from you and Mommywantsvodka ! It’s sooo cold here so I have on socks but I swear I can feel the crap under my feet anyways!

  9. Thanks so much for your comment. It totally inspired me for my next post – already posted. 😉

  10. Love your food-related anxiety. Too funny. I wish I could catch enough of it to have the dishes out of the sink early in the evening like you said — so you could relax with family. I can never keep my cabinets organized even when a dear friend comes and does it all so beautifully. But I do get the UGH of seeing the kitchen trash can crammed with things…things spilling out its little trap trash door. Can’t anybody else take care of that?

    • I know where is that stupid trash fairy anyways…lol. I have organized kitchens for others before and they usually go right back to the original mess but it’s still fun to try! The Hubby is awesome about cleaning up his late night mess…not sure if he does that for me or his well being…hahaha!

  11. I can’t stand dishes in the sink either. Sometimes I make myself late because I can’t stand the thought of leaving them there.

  12. OH THE KITCHEN TRASH. I feel this with you. Great list! I also like to have plenty of time to cook, it’s stressful to be on a schedule!

    • I know right??? I have seen some (I will politely not call them out) just push and push and push trying to get that one last thing in the bag! My son has a friend though that if its even close to the top he will say “I’ll get that trash for you momma” so sweet….

  13. If this is what OCD is, then I’ve got it too. I want to slash the bastard who puts my Wusthof knives in the dishwasher. Thankfully nobody ever turns the thing on but me so I save them every time. The person who crams the garbage in the bin because he’s too effn lazy to take it out. (I know the guilty party intimately) Does anything make me angrier than going to the fridge and finding out there’s 1/1000th of an ounce of cream in the bottle? (maybe but not when I’m expecting cream in there!)

    So I must have it. bugger

    • LOL!!! OCD is that and more unfortunately….pet peeves are almost OCDish too and I have alot of those as well hahaha. You and I just might have a hard time getting company after this. With the knives…don’t put in the cookware or the tupperware either…geeze just the “dishes” and silverware.

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  15. I am driven crazy by the fact that Hubs and my son use one of the kitchen counters as a catch all. Argh! #6, 7, 8, 9… I can SO relate. I really should have done the anxiety list… 🙂

    • The anxiety list was so easy I could have went on and on…in fact I asked The Hubby what he thought my kitchen anxiety was and he popped off things I didn’t even say….hmmm guess I don’t hide it well lol…

  16. OCD or not – you mention things that make sense to me. But I lack organizational skills – I admire the skill in others.

    • It’s awesome to think I actually made sense to someone…could you talk to my family lol….I love organized so much that I drive people crazy. I bet I could tell you everything in every drawer or closet if I closed my eyes hahahaha.

  17. So glad you’re back!!!
    And #9…ME TOO!!! I must sweet 20 times a day!

  18. paul says
    I think you and I are living parallel lives. The only thing I can’t relate to is 4. I don’t like it either but around here it is a fact of life. 3, especially when someone has used all of the … and not bothered to let you know and guests will be arriving shortly and you need that one thing to finish that …. and make your meal, party, evening perfect and complete. See what I mean. And I am in serious kitchen envy, full on coveting.

  19. I would love to hang out in your kitchen! In fact, I think I may be coveting it a bit. And oh, I do hear you regarding the Kool-Aid/milk/juice/water jug bandits. who leaves a sip? I swear, it’s a perfected art form in this house. I hate the crumbs under my feet too. In fact, I had to mop the floor before I could come down here and do a bit of blog reading!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  20. That’s ok a true friend admits that our anxiety is sometimes their pleasure..hahaha…better you than me right??? Just grab a latte that will make the kitchen anxiety a bit better….so glad to be back!!! Missed all of you!

  21. Not a chef, but when I wake up and see dirty dishes in the sink after I went to bed knowing the sink was empty, I can’t help but lose it.
    Our wustof knives are my hubby’s baby, so I can see how the anxiety would escalate over their mistreatment.

    • Oh the knives are the Hubbys thing around here too…keeps them sharp and watches them like they are our children…well maybe not that bad. He knows how bad I hate dishes in the sink and he always eats a second supper and snack at night and the dishes are always washed dryed and put away…maybe he would rather do that than hear me…hahaha

  22. Oh a lot of those have mine name on them too. The knives in particular, but pretty much all of them (cabinets not so much since I am awful with that). No judging here though. Your list your thoughts!

    • Hahaha…you woudn’t want to really know all my thoughts and anxieties…but glad you aren’t judging…that’s what I love about blogger friends! Its so funny how many people are picky with their knives…maybe I am not so weird after all…yeah!!!! Now..someone tell my friends and family…

  23. I feel a little bad that I am having such a great time reading your anxiety list, but it is fun. I missed your listicles! I have nothing but anxiety in kitchen, therefor I stay out of it. Cleaning out kitchen cabinets is a major pain, but very liberating, right?

    • That’s ok a true friend admits that our anxiety is sometimes their pleasure..hahaha…better you than me right??? Just grab a latte that will make the kitchen anxiety a bit better….so glad to be back!!! Missed all of you!

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