Jan 302012

Todays Monday Listicles with Stasha @ www.northwestmommy.com was chosen by Bruna @ www.beeswithhoney.com.  Her idea was 10 songs that describe our life and the time period it’s from.  Although my Iphone contains over 1400 songs I usually always make my site correspond with the subject but stay foodie related since I am after all a foodie blog but songs about food just didn’t jump at me so here is a song that sums up “me” and my life…(and it does mention food and takes place in a cafe setting lol)  My life takes place in the home you see above and My Family is everything to me. You can read more about us on my other blog www.dreamsonadollar.com .    I hope you take a couple minutes to listen to  “That’s Important To Me” by Joey Martin:



 With that being said my newest guilty pleasure is Pinterest.  Since “pinning” has entered my life I have found so many things that I want to make, cook, get, love, laugh it…it’s very addictive.  I said to myself….”self…what good are these things if you pin them but never try them” so I am trying my pins and started a board “Things I Have Pinned & Tried.  I am also going to write about them on my blogs.  Foodie things will be found here at Bestfoodies and Do-It-Yourself and Home Ideas will be found on my other site www.dreamsonadollar.com  I am affectionately calling them Pinteresting Reviews and I will be asking permisssion if they came from blogs or site to link back to them and write about them.  I hope you enjoy the write ups!  Tomorrow will be the first of such reviews.  I hope you come back to see what it’s all about!

  16 Responses to “Listicles & Pinteresting Reviews”

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who gave up her life to pinterest and punchfork !

    • I love Punchfork too! Have you tried Flipboard yet? I was just going through seeing what to try from Pinterest next and getting ready to write a review on soup from there.

  2. Ah great song! And I kill so many hours on pintrest its not even funny!

  3. I love Pinterest and have made several recipes. I can’t wait to read your reviews!

  4. I’m on Pinterest and doing some pinning, but mostly of things that are not to be MADE. That’s the easy way to pin!

    • How smart….I didn’t think of that…guess we set ourselves up when we label as things we want to do or make lol…I don’t know how long it wil last and I have already pinned more than I can make in any reasonable time so its bound to be out of control soon.

  5. I do the same thing with Pinterest….pin, pin, pin and never do anything. I have to resolve to actually create something. Hubby on the other hand has finished 2 projects I pinned For him. LOL

    • I have a board called “stuff I want The Hubby to Make” but he has yet to do so…maybe because the honey do list thats not on Pinterest is usually full poor guy! I am proud though that on another post you said you made the mini pies…a Pinterest accomplishment…wish me luck trying to do more from there…

  6. I love your idea of doing reviews. I’m not on Pintrest, but it seems like it can be easy to get overloaded with lots of good ideas, but never really get to any of them. Well, that’s how it would be for me, anyway. 🙂 I used to clip recipes from the newspaper and then ended up having tons of clippings, but would never try any of them. I look forward to seeing your reviews! 🙂

    • Pinterest is really great for me. I use it instead of favorite places because the visual of what I find is much prettier than that list of web links. I think you would like it…so much more than just recipes. I am definetly an addict. lol…

  7. The site looks great! Will be back there to read the review tomorrow. Congrats!

  8. I have yet to be bitten by the Pinterest bug. But it’s hard to fight a tidal wave.

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