May 162012

I imagine you all think I totally forgot about you but on the contrare…Life just happened and although I love food I love my family more…first and foremost my kids.  Raime has worked hard for the last two and half years to get her Masters – Acute Care Nurse Practitioner.  We are so proud of her and wanted to have a party but she insisted on just dinner out with the immediate family…well that was until a week and a half before graduation.  So…she decided as it was Mothers Day and Church Day that the restaurants would be packed and that we couldn’t possibly get seats for all of us and therefore we should just have a get together here at our house.  Of course being all OCDish as I am the to do list quickly turned to a OMG list.   It had been pre-decided that our in ground pool needed a new liner and let’s just say that took up the better part of 4 days….I am omitting the horrid details lol.  Of course I had flower beds to prepare, things to paint, things to fix, things to clean…and on and on.  From sun up to sun down The Hubby and I busted our tails and it was well worth it.  For the menu we opted for a Mexican Bar with all the fixings and desserts.    The food went over great and everyone had a lovely time visiting, playing cornhole and the kids got in the pool.  Raime of course looked beautiful and we were all so proud to honor her accomplishment of graduating with honors.  I couldn’t have asked for a better Mothers Day…having the whole family and extended family together was a true blessing!  The other bonus is that a lot of my to do list for our big 4th of July party is already done!!!    Watch for some new recipes and please keep coming back!

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  1. From one OCDer to another…I could feel your pain! Congratulations to your daughter! So glad you were able to pull it all off! Sounds like a great celebration!

    • Thanks for the sympathy pain lol….you should see the list that got tabled due to time…who am I kidding there is always a list! We had a ball and everything went great, I love when that happens!

  2. Raime, Just want to let you know that I am very proud of you and for you!!!!!You have accomplished a great achievement in your life and one that will help to support you also!!!!This is wonderful and I know your mom is very proud of you!!!!!Way to go!!!!!Congratulations!!!!!

    I would be your third cousin. I am your mom’s second cousin.

    As, I have already said, congratulations!!!!God bless you, Hilda Aubin

    • Thanks for the well wishes for Raime, she read them and they made her smile! Thanks for coming over to my site. You should check out the post on Aunt Doris Red Velvet Cake!

  3. So proud of you Raime.
    Love you.
    Aunt Doris.

    • Raime said thank you very much. She has worked very hard for this and we are very proud. Thanks for visiting my blog…there is a post on here about your Red Velvet Cake it’s one of my very favorite things.

      • Karen,I know Raime had to work very hard to accomplish what she has,you have a very smart daughter she can do anything she wants all of you I am very proud of and for her,wish her all the best.

        Thanks for post about my Red Velvet cake.

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