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Been a bit busy and too long since I posted.  I wanted to get some things done before I posted again but since that could take awhile I thought I had better let everyone know that I was still cooking and eating and sharing!  I asked a fellow blogger that I admire very much…Maureen @ if she would critique my blog.  She gave me some great ideas and tips and I can’t wait to implement them.  I have done a few changes from the backside and hopefully it makes it easier for you to comment.  The rest is in the works however most of it requires The Hubby to help me and he has been way busy.    Maureen and I also chatted about spending time with family.  My daughter as most of you know has spent the last 2 1/2 years getting her nurse practitioner in acute care and truthfully it was so stressful that we all felt like we were in school.  She got a new position and was going to be starting a new job but had some time off and so I took time to enjoy her.  We also gave each kid a “work” day at their homes, have a garage sale and took a couple of days to help mom with some new carpet.  This past weekend we enjoyed the fair with The Hubbys family and today I spent time with my nephew and mom.  We have enjoyed the pool, cooked out, shopped, worked on houses, had dinners, watched movies and all sorts of things.  It has been nice to just enjoy the family and get some things done but I did miss my blog and all of yours as well !   My goal is to spend as much time with them as I can (always has been my priority) and incorporate blogging as well.  It would be very easy to spend all day on the internet with all the great food blogs and family blogs and of course Pinterest.   On to today’s goal:   As I write this post I am saddened however that today would have been my Dad’s birthday and it’s the first since he has been gone.  So many of you sent well wishes and prayers when Dad was so sick either here or on twitter and I want to tell all of you how much that was appreciated.  A passing is always so hard but losing my first parent has been really tough .   I thought about what would be an appropriate food to share with you…maybe one of Dad’s favorites although I have done several of those.  Then it came to me how we worked so hard watering our garden trying to keep it alive and how we should work harder at “watering” our relationships with those we love to keep that special bond alive.  I wish I could go back and do more with Dad.  I am truly blessed to have spent this time with my family and I pray that I get many more opportunities.    I wouldn’t trade a minute of it.  In light of all this my offering today may not seem like much but it’s the product of all that watering….garden salsa.   Seems very simple just chopping vegetables but with all the tilling, planting, fertilizing, watering, picking, washing, & chopping it seems a bit more tedious…almost like relationships you have to work at them to get the final satisfying result but it’s worth every minute of it!   I hope you all get the chance for special family time…I plan on lots more of it.  I do hope though that given a few mintues for foodie fun you come back and visit Bestfoodies!


Garden Salsa
  • 10 Roma Tomatoes diced
  • 2 regular tomatoes diced
  • Large onion diced
  • seranno pepper minced
  • cubanella pepper diced
  • green bell pepper diced
  • fajita bell (hard to find here so I grow them) diced
  • 3 cloves garlic minced
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • cilantro (opt. I don’t like it Hubby does)
  1. Prepare all vegetables and mix together. Place in refrigerator for several hours as it gets better as it sits. (The Hubby likes cilantro in his but I am not a fan) Serve with chips or is great warm on top of grilled chicken!

Pic from left to right:  The Hubby Steve, Me…Karen Bestfoodies, Daughter Raime, her Beau Robbie, My Mom Dean, her Hubby Roy, Son Justin at graduation.



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  1. This Salsa is wonderful thank you again for your recipes!

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