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Who is Bestfoodies?  I am an avid Foodie who simply can’t get enough of the foodie world from eating, cooking, collecting recipes, reading magazines, books, blogs, and well anything about food and cooking.  My favorite foods are pasta, cheese, breads, most sweets and anything with mushrooms!   Although I love everything foodie I love my family most and they come first always.  It is a great feeling when they enjoy the food I make and they graciously tolerate and test my creations.   We have a rating system:  definately eat it again, its ok but nothing to get excited about and no need to make again and they don’t always agree.   I also enjoy bargain hunting at garage sales & Goodwills, electronics, books, movies, Fossil purses and my favorite color is orange.  I am most comfortable in jeans, t-shirt, cardigan & flip flops or in my jammy bottoms with matching “T”  although I will dress up when needed.  There are also some great  furry  family members I love dearly  -Max (my chihuahua) and  Barkley & Bella (Maltese grandpuppies, Zeus & Thor Bengal grandkitties).   The Hubby  is my biggest supporter and helps with the technical aspects of my blog.  He by trade is a contractor and web developer.   (above – Steve & Karen (bestfoodies)  Here is a bit about the families foodie tastes:

The Hubby – Steve –  He also loves to cook and to eat.  His favorite food is cheeseburgers and he puts ketchup on about everything…ugh.  He also can’t be without mountain dew, sweet tea, cappuccino and pizza but generally likes everything except bananas.   He is an awesome cook, the best ever on a grill and his cheeseburger is better than any restaturant!  He also makes a really tasty chicken parmesan.    (above Steve grinding chuck)

The Son, Justin – He is like me and is comfortable just throwing things together in a bowl or pan and seeing what happens.  He loves pizza, mexican and chinese and good old home cooking.  His specialilty is biscuits and gravy and his mexican is outstanding! (above Justin)

The Daughter, Raime – She is more of a recipe kind of girl and although she is a very good cook seldom has time to do so.  She enjoys trying new foods and new restaurants.  She loves all kinds of food but she especially enjoys white chicken chili, Chicken Mushroom Gnocchi Soup, cookies, strawberry frosty squares, shortbread and mostly mom’s cooking (sigh, smile).  (above – Raime)

The Boyfriend of Raime, Tyler – He eats plenty and it never shows.  His addiction to McDonalds has Raime determined to help him eat better resulting her cooking more!  Of course I love this!  .  He also loves sweets so he fits in so well. 



Furry Family –  Love chicken, pork, carrots and green beans and have it with their dog food for each meal.  Yep…we fix them special food.   Max, a Chihuahua of which you never know which end to trust, the wagging tail or the snarling face.  Barkley, a Maltese aka tank…all muscle, but the biggest baby, loves to play, be held and to ride the quad with Gpa.   Bella, a Maltese aka The Princess, very sweet,  loves to snuggle, is jealous and tends to be a barker.  The captivating Bengals, true to the word they are nothing like a normal cat.  Zeus appears to be sweet and laid back but has a sneaky side.  He can be very playful, wants his way and is always into things but when he is done he is done.  Thor is big , rambunctious and throws his weight into everything.  He doesn’t take no more an answer and will climb to the highest point and open anything he wants in.  He is persistent even when Zeus is done! 

The Family & Friends – so many wonderful cooks with lots of special dishes they love to share!  Get togethers are never short on food, drinks, fun and stories!



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  1. I love your blog…and marvel that I am with you on almost all your anxiety points:-). Plus we’re both Hoosiers, right? You go, sweetie!

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